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BRH REAL ESTATE, is a development company which  promotes new residential concepts, based on a multifunctional, modular and flexible construction system, adaptable to the changes that occur in the owner´s  family unit throughout the life cycle.

Although housing is generally the most important life investment for most people, the truth is that it can also become a serious financial burden in times of crisis. As a matter of fact, the new homes made today are still quite rigid and rarely adjust over time to our changing functional needs (eg: increase in family members, dissolution of family ties, emancipation of children, retirement, etc. .)

To solve these problems, our residential schemes can be easily modified when necessary, according to the user's personal circumstances, and are conceived as an investment vehicle capable of generating profits throughout the life of the project. Our “BRH” (BUY & RENT HOMES) system is based on a "hybrid" housing concept both for sale and for rent, by which the apartments we design can be subdivided into smaller units (Studio / Suites), with independent access and services, thus being able to be used simultaneously by its future owner both as family residence as well as a multi-property for rent.

Ever since we started operating the company in April 2017, we have studied a wide variety of project typologies, as well as all the technical, legal, urban regulations and tax issues of the hybrid model, which can be applied in new housing developments as well as in housing rehabilitation. In both cases, our hybrid model contributes to financing the purchase as well as the renovation cost of the residential property on sale


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Funtionality + Profitability

El espacio es tu mayor valor

We design open-plan loft-type spaces, as well as two-story duplex, with different types of distribution. Depending on the size and number of suites for rent, BRH properties can be modified over time according to the functional and financial needs of the owner, and can provide profitability from the moment the home is purchased.


For the sake of flexibility, BRH construction system uses easy-to-install timber and drywall partitions, which on the lower side are supported directly on a stoneware floor, just by pressure or using a double-sided adhesive construction tape. The upper side of the partition is firmly fixed directly onto the slab, for which we use removable technical ceilings that can be adapted to all types of homes.

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Space is your greatest asset 

Typologies & Services (1)


Your home is like your skin and it grows with you

The BRH hybrid system has been carefully planned  for a wide variety of typologies at different project scales. In each case BRH will provide the owner with maintenance and rental services, which will draw on a large database of potential clients. In addition, BRH REAL ESTATE will offer its clients significant discounts on the purchase of their home, and / or a guaranteed fixed income that will vary according to the type of rental contracts, the size and number of the units for rent and the duration of the rental services provided


Regarding its architectural features, each rental unit will be fully equipped with high quality furnitures and  will meet all the sustainability and  energy saving standards that are required in today´s modern housing.

Change your home according to your needs 

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Typologies & Services (2)

Lofts & Duplex 

The BRH hybrid system has been carefully planned  for a wide variety of typologies.In this example (*) we have designed a flexible open plan lay out, with   structural and M&E invariable vertical elements. The buyer can choose a different layout according to its needs. Each of the units for rent can be fully equipped, with high-end domotic technology. BRH can provide if requested  security, healthcare, restauration, maintenance and cleaning services 

1.Open Plan layout.  LOFT  model

2.Lay Out with 2 apartaments (1 bedroom/each )

3.Lay Out  with  1  Apartm. (2 bdr). + 1 Studio

4.Lay Out  with  1 Apt.(1 bdr.) + Studio + Suite

5.Lay Out with 3 Suites / bedrooms

6.Lay Out with 4 Suites / bedrooms

7.Lay Out with 4 Apartamentos

8.DUPLEX model

The client chooses the model according to his needs

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