Mentorship for Architects

Doing a work of architecture requires experience. Something that does not guarantee the title of architecture. And without that experience, external assistance is essential.     You get an order and you don't know where to start, what is the best project strategy, what fee proposal to pass, what a project document is like, how to solve specific construction details, what structural system is most recommended, etc.     


Our STRATEGIC MENTORING PROGRAM is your best tool. If you are an architecture student or have a recent degree, we help you with everything that is not learned during the years of university and that we have been polishing work after work.  It is not a pre-designed course, repeated year after year; It is an up-to-date one to one accompaniment, which resolves specific doubts and solves problems that arise during the entire project and construction process. It is a service that complements your university training, with direct applications on real cases in real life.    

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Rabindranath Tagore


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