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Residential Campus

The land on which the Residential Campus is being developed has a total buildable area of ​​62,270 m2 on which 284 homes will be built. Each apartment could be subdivided into smaller independent studios / suites that together will complete a Coliving complex with 568 rental units.


The project first phase promotes 33 fully serviced luxury apartments  on a 9,903 m2 plot, with a  buildable  area) of ​10,893 m2. 

It is conceived as an integrated whole. Here the homes, buildings and urban areas come together to achieve the ultimate purpose. The ambitious goals in health, wellbeing and sustainability are set from the moment the scheme is designed, and they aim to turn this project into a green architectural benchmark Construction is due to start in Spring 2023.


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Captura de pantalla 2021-04-17 a las 22.

1. Open Plan layout.  LOFT  model

2. Lay Out with 2 apartaments (1 bedroom/each )

3. Lay Out  with  1  Apartm. (2 bdr). + 1 Studio

4. Lay Out  with  1 Apt.(1 bdr.) + Studio + Suite

5. Lay Out with 3 Suites / bedrooms

6. Lay Out with 4 Suites / bedrooms

7. Lay Out with 4 Apartamentos

8. DUPLEX model


The 2nd Phase project proposes a variety of  lay outs, with studio / suites of different sizes, in keeping with the needs of its owners and tenants. For this sake, we propose a flexible open plan lay out, with   structural and M&E invariable vertical elements  (1)

Each of the units for rent will be fully equipped, with high-end domotic technology which will connect with security, healthcare, restauration, maintenance and cleaning services to be  managed both by the owner / tenant and by the Campus Administration.


Captura de pantalla 2021-04-18 a las 1.2

As shown in the floor plan, the standard apartment could contain four bedrooms with a large kitchen-dining and living  room area or could be divided into three independent units:  one-bedroom apartment, plus a Studio / Suite, plus a Double Studio, all of them with independent access.

In this  case, the BRh financing model will vary depending on the functional needs raised by the buyer regarding the use of his property.

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