IDM Networks is a Real Estate Strategic Consulting and Advisory firm which combines wide  international industry knowledge with end to end services across all phases of the Real Estate cycle.  We started our business activity in Madrid in 1993 under the name of  Proyectos D+G, becoming IDM NETWORKS in 2010,


Our team of experts offers highly specialised advice aligned with the latest trends in each sector in order to help our clients to meet their strategic goals, creating value and maximising efficiency in their real estate activities and portfolios. In particular, we advise developers in solving problems and defining alternative real estate concepts to meet the demands of this new market paradigm as a consequence of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

All things considered, we firmly believe that crises are great opportunities for change and renewal. We also want to highlight our expertise in change intelligence and  our deep commitment to work towards building a better, more sustainable and more socially balanced human habitat.


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"Those who survive are not the strongest or the more intelligent, but the most adaptable to change"

Charles Darwin

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