IDM Networks offers its clients the most complete repertoire of creative design and project management services related to Mixed use, Residential and Commercial Architecture. Our international presence in Europe and in the American Continent allows us to be always at the forefront state of the art design and to incorporate in all our projects high tech formulas that have already been successfully implemented in different  world areas


In each project, IDM Networks offers high quality solutions to environmental issues, innovative building systems, integral efficiency systems, comfort, and energy savings.  We are  also always up-date on aspects related to last generation materials, passive measures for a most efficient design, intelligent architecture, bioclimatic architecture, new construction technologies, and homologation  Regarding new technologies, IDM conducts an ongoing analysis of international vanguard, carefully paying attention to the latest innovative projects in commercial aspects, audio visual technology and augmented reality.  Following the new trends, we are currently adding new concepts of technological leisure and entertainment aspects in our commercial projects that complement the retail offer, reinforce public flow and allow the establishment of competitive values that differentiate our projects. 

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"Form follows Function"

Louis Sullivan