Ángel García de Vinuesa
Our Team

IDM NETWORKS ´multidisciplinary team is formed by a group of highly qualified partners  that share an extensive knowledge of a diverse range of disciplines related to the Real Estate Industry. Our long lived partnership is based on professional excellency, friendship and trust.


The work and experience of IDM NETWORKS team, spans across many countries and continues to evolve, with the central idea of adding value to our clients´ projects and portfolios, placing emphasis on defining new productos, both physical and digital, that fit the rapidly changing market situation. In addition we especialice in change intelligence and problem solving within the Real Estate market through an holistic process of sharing ideas and possibilities. 


IDM NETWORKS is void of the undermining tendencies and bureaucracy that occur within the traditional practice. As such, the majority of servicies developed by the firm contains a strong lineage of latest trends techniques that are defined through  a holistic multidisciplinary viewpoint that is rich with contextual, cultural, and programmatic understanding.



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"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

Isaac Newton

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