Our Team

IDM NETWORKS ´team is formed by a group of highly qualified partners based both in Colombia and in Spain that share an extensive knowledge of a diverse range of project types through a proven degree of experience. ranging from Master Plans to Mixed-Use projects of varying scale and program. 


Altogether, the work and experience of IDM NETWORKS partners, spans across many countries and continues to evolve, with the central idea of placing emphasis on design excellency, through an inclusive process of sharing ideas and possibilities. IDM NETWORKS is void of the undermining tendencies and bureaucracy that occur within the traditional practice. As such, the body of work developed by the firm contains a strong lineage of high-level design that is not defined through the eyes of a single aesthetic but rather a clear international viewpoint that is rich with contextual, cultural, and programmatic understanding.



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"Less is More"

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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