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BRH SUITE HOMES is a real estate digital platform specialized in a new type of “HYBRID HOUSING” that allows simultaneous use as a family residence as well as a rental asset. We use a modular and flexible construction system that facilitates the subdivision of the property into rental units in a Studio / Suite format. We work with extensive residential portfolios for sale, both new and second-hand, and propose changes on the home distribution in order to generate rental space with independent access.

In the case of new housing developments, our platform offers the buyer significant discounts on the property price in exchange of renting the units for a period of time. For second-hand homes needing reformation works, we offer the buyer the possibility of carrying out the reformation without initial added cost, likewise generating Studios / Suites for rent that eventually finance the operation.

Throughout the process, the BRH platform provides the owner of the “hybrid home” with the furnishing fit out, the facility management of the different units, and the complementary services that the future tenant may demand, such as maintenance, cleaning, catering, etc, with a methodology similar to that of other existing platforms on the market.

(e.g: Airbnb, Bemate, Alterhome, Spotahome, Badi, etc ...)


Suite Homes

Captura de pantalla 2021-04-04 a las 9.5
Captura de pantalla 2021-04-04 a las 9.5
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