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Research & Development

I+D inmobiliario

Intervention Strategies in Urban Transformation Projects


We understand the concept of "I+D Inmobiliario" as a process of "Research and Development" applied to the Real Estate Sector, which requires the integration of different disciplines and a multiple vision. It is a concept that we launched 25 years ago, and that we have been applying to each of our projects regardless of the scope and scale. This multiple vision involves disciplines such as architecture, urban planning and urban design, and a knowledge of the real estate business both in its financial aspects and in urban management procedures, in particular seeking a balance of interests between the public and private sectors.


After more than four decades of professional activity, we have participated in the structuring of large-scale projects, such as the Seville Expo or the Zaragoza Expo and 35 commercial and mixed-use projects with a total of 1,850,000 m2, which due to their size have significantly led various processes of urban transformation.


Research & Development

Partnership Público - Privado

Programa de Investigación Urbanística en USA

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The conceptual framework in which these projects have been developed is based on specific training in the field of urban design after completing a Master's degree in this discipline at the University of Glasgow, and a research program on the Public Private Partnership applied to large real estate operations in 12 U.S. cities.


This program was carried out through a research grant awarded annually by the Eisenhower Foundation which, each year, selects several countries and chooses one candidate per country to carry out the research. 





New York



Las Vegas




Santa Barbara

San Diego


San Francisco

Ecobulevar Castellana 2007 - 2020

Proyecto de I+D Inmobiliario / Madrid 2007

Urbanismo de Ideas

In addition to the aforementioned projects, we have developed theoretical studies that seek to improve areas of the city, as in the case of the Castellana Ecobulevar in Madrid or the work on the North Highway in Bogota.


Parallel to these large-scale urban studies, there is a continuous interest in implementing the latest criteria in the field of sustainability and respect for the environment, with special emphasis on the development of bioclimatic systems applied to architecture and urban planning, as well as in the use of renewable energies and integrated energy efficiency processes, in compliance with well-known standards such as BREAM, LEED or WELL.


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