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Cradle to Cradle and Wellness Phygital Campus in Sotogrande

Few days left to close the first Capital Call !

Investment Summary (Crowdfunding: Fellow Funders)

The Sotogrande Project consists of the promotion of 49 luxury homes with a storage room and at least one parking space based on an Opportunistic strategy, in the Sotogrande Urbanization belonging to the municipality of San Roque, Cádiz. This strategy allows obtaining high returns despite the fact that the exploitation of the assets usually takes more time.

The project will follow the WELL health and wellness criteria, being a pioneer in Spain for its "Cradle to Cradle" life cycle analysis based on the circular economy of materials. The homes will have maximum privacy and whose interior layout will be characterized by wide spaces and windows that will allow greater lighting in the room. The community will enjoy an outdoor and heated pool, security control, gym, gourmet room and coworking.

The final destination of the project will be the sale of the homes to financially solvent clients of Nordic origin and central Europe. The project will foreseeably be structured through two Capital Calls, the first round of investment (ROUND 1) will cover the first expenses of the promotion, that is, the first payment of the purchase of the land that allows deferred payment, the expenses derived from the processing and management of the licenses and the proceeding from the basic and execution projects, as well as the marketing costs of the pre-sale. The second round of investment (ROUND 2) is estimated to begin in month 12 and cover the last payment for the plot and the construction of the homes once the building permit and the necessary pre-sales for the developer loan are obtained.

The investment is made directly in the Share Capital of the vehicle created for the promotion, entering into a capital increase of the company, so that the investors will own the company shares together with the promoters of the business. The investment has been divided into investment rounds for strategic business reasons, mainly because depending on the rate of pre-sales carried out before the license was granted, it could be that the capital required for ROUND 2 was less than initially estimated, or even not said round was necessary, since with a high percentage of pre-sales at that point, more capital would be available than expected and it would be possible to access financing at a lower cost than ROUND 2, so the profitability for investors of ROUND 1 would be much higher than initially calculated. In any case, the Investors of ROUND 1 will be prioritized over those of ROUND 2 for entering the initial phases of the project, since the investment in ROUND 2 will be made with an issuance premium that will depend on four variables, the month of entry of said Round, the percentage of pre-sales at that time, the granting of the works license and the bank loan. It must be taken into account that the spirit in which the business has been modeled has always been based on a Conservative Scenario, so that possible deviations in costs, terms or sales prices are more likely to be in favor and not against.

Due to the real estate nature of the project, once 100% of the objective has been reached, it will be considered completed (there is no possibility of "overfunding" up to 125%).

NOTE to March 11, 2022: We take this opportunity to tell the news of the round.

Review of the initial estimates of the Project:

o We already have the RICS Land Appraisal and it is much higher than the negotiated purchase price (the amount of the appraisal as the document is available to the investor who requests it at

o The promoters of the Project have reviewed the current sales strategy with the housing marketing company, which has estimated a sale price that is more than 20% higher than the initially estimated price.

Review of the project regarding the current geopolitical situation:

o The current tragic situation in Ukraine is foreseeable to have consequences at the level of inflation that can affect the price of construction, but in the real estate sector it usually has a direct impact on a rise in housing prices that compensates even more, since it is one one of the most important refuge values ​​that absorb the investment of those who want to preserve their capital.

o The instability in Europe makes it precisely the target client to whom the promotion is directed to seek to buy assets of this type in quieter areas and with services commensurate with their standard of living, in addition to giving them the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in our country with purchases of more than €500,000.

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