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Luis Vallejo

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Luis is the founding manager of the landscaping studio that bears his name. Since its origins in 1986, Luis Vallejo LVEP Landscaping Studio has carried out a wide variety of national and international projects for both public entities and private clients, and has developed an extensive and prolific trajectory that has earned him international prestige. Among its most recognized projects are the Oman Botanical Garden in Oman, the Rio Ortega University Hospital in Valladolid, and the Santander Central Hispano financial city in Madrid.  


LVEP's projects are examples of gardens in which architecture, urban planning and landscape are harmoniously integrated, and where natural, vegetable or mineral elements always form the axis around which the project is structured, developed and becomes a reality, whether it is a private garden, a public square or a hospital. Luis Vallejo is also Director Curator of the Bonsai Museum, and is an expert and recognized curator in this activity, for which he has been awarded numerous international prizes.


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