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10 Problems of our current economic system of consumption

Our current economic system presents several significant problems that require a transition to a circular economy model. Here is a list of ten such problems:

1. Depletion of natural resources:The current economic system is based on a continuous and increasing extraction of limited natural resources, which leads to their depletion and environmental degradation.

2. Massive waste generation:The “take, make, dispose” approach results in a large amount of waste and waste that is not managed efficiently, causing pollution and environmental problems.

3. Pollution and environmental degradation: Unsustainable production and consumption cause air, water and soil pollution, as well as ecosystem degradation, which negatively affects human health and biodiversity.

4. Climate change:The dependence on fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases are causing climate change, with serious consequences for the planet and future generations.

5. Economic inequality:The current economic system often perpetuates inequality, concentrating wealth and power in a few hands and leaving large parts of the population in situations of poverty and vulnerability.

6. Financial instability:Today's economy is subject to periodic crises and recessions due to imbalance, financial speculation, and lack of proper regulation.

7. Job loss and job insecurity:Automation, globalization and labour-intensive approaches to production have led to job losses and job insecurity in many industries.

8. Worker exploitation and unfair working conditions:The current economic system often allows for the exploitation of workers, including low wages, dangerous working conditions, and violations of labor rights.

9. Food waste:The current system of food production and consumption leads to massive food waste throughout the entire chain, from production to consumption, which is unacceptable in a world with high levels of food insecurity.1

0. Biodiversity loss:The overexploitation of natural resources and the destruction of habitats lead to the massive loss of biodiversity, which has negative effects on ecosystems and the stability of natural systems.

The transition towards a circular economy model is necessary to address these problems. In our Blog "10 tips on Circular Economy" we propose some of the actions that can be implemented in a coordinated manner. The guests in the Editor so that people can respond without having to log in to your site.

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