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The drawing Compass and the Rose

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Architecture is a long-standing profession. It is a multidisciplinary activity, where Science and Art play a fundamental role at the same time. The symbology of the compass and the rose, as an emblem of the profession, was created at the end of the First World War by the first professional associations in Spain, and since then represents the majority of professional associations in the country. The drawing compass was a Renaissance emblem of the arts of measure, real and psychological. It symbolized both the liberal arts, such as Geometry and Mathematics, and virtues such as Temperance and Circumspection, through which the spirit was built. The Rose is the symbol of beauty, the representation of the Art of nature, Aesthetics and Form, "the essence of the invisible" as Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince said.

In my case, nothing like the Compass and the Rose could better represent this already long trajectory that has been framed by a permanent dialectic between Architecture and Painting, between Intuition and Reason, between Art and Science, between Possibilism and Determinism, between Order and Chaos that precedes creation...Professional life is a continuous training process where you learn through multiple failures that, in the long run, are successes. Looking back, I already recognize several learned concepts, contrasted by experience, which qualify and modulate my way of understanding reality. I value the essence above the appearance. I know that in the apparent imperfection, in the uniqueness, the genius of each individual is hidden. I appreciate Attitude more than Aptitude. I believe in Passion and Love for things well done. There are no small jobs. Everything is important and everything is a game. Architecture is truly a long-term activity. You have to be patient. Resilience, perseverance and love for a job well done are undoubtedly the best recipe to build our biggest dreams.

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