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IDM VirtuAlt

IDM VIRTUALT is a new way of understanding large commercial spaces, with the idea of ​​going one step further with respect to the union between the "real shopping center" as a physical space and the "digital shopping center" as a virtual space.

With our technological partner,                                         we propose to act in the virtual space by developing technological applications that allow us to considerably optimize the flow of visits to a shopping center through its own web page and the respective web pages of its "Tenants". 

Likewise, we propose a comprehensive intervention that explores the application of new digital technologies in architecture, design, lighting, sound, signage, etc., simplifying the purchase process and transforming the visit to the center into a true sensory experience.

Together with this idea, we also offer the possibility of creating a virtual replica of the shopping center to be able to be visited on the net. With all the attractions that the original has, you can enjoy the center from every home and you can shop comfortably without leaving home. In parallel, our services propose the development of a mobile application that acts as a true "customer social network" specific to each shopping center and each retail operator.



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